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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting – June 27–28, 2011

41st General Election Evaluation Framework

Mr. Hughes St-Pierre gave a presentation on the evaluation framework for the 41st General Election. A copy of the presentation was given to ACPP members, their questions and comments are summarized below.

Discussion with ACPP Members

ACPP members asked if the evaluations of the 41st General Election would influence the CEO's recommendations report. Hughes St-Pierre replied that there were no recommendations included in the evaluation, but that the findings of the evaluation might affect the recommendations made in the CEO's recommendations report. He also indicated the need to engage ACPP members on solutions to identified problems.

ACPP members asked if known voters were questioned during the survey of electors. Hughes St-Pierre replied that the people consulted during the survey of electors were randomly selected. ACPP members suggested that it might be better to interview electors as they leave the polling station.

A comment was made that the candidate survey had not changed much, and that it was a crude instrument at determining the candidate's experience. Hughes St-Pierre replied that with a fixed election date, Elections Canada has more time to prepare for the survey for the 42nd General Election. Belaineh Deguefé stated that there needs to be some continuity with previous surveys as Elections Canada needs to track candidate experience over time.

It was suggested that Elections Canada should track who voted and did not, and then survey those who did not to find out the reasons why. Rennie Molnar replied that the voter list of names is sealed and only opened in extraordinary circumstances by a court order. He also indicated that a small number of bags are opened for sampling to determine the voter turnout, other than that, voter history is not recorded.

A member asked if Elections Canada kept election bingo sheets. The CEO replied that Elections Canada does not keep the bingo sheets. ACPP members then suggested that bingo sheets could be mined by parties with resources, and that this is worrisome. The CEO replied that Elections Canada is required to provide the sheets annually to parties and members; they contained only the name of the elector by riding, with no other information.