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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting – June 27–28, 2011

ACPP Forward Agenda and Open Forum

ACPP members were asked to provide input on the ACPP's forward agenda. The main comments and questions are summarized below.

Discussion with ACPP Members

Members suggested that Elections Canada should use more video, and provide lectures, overviews and tutorials in video form on the Elections Canada website.

Another suggestion was that photos of candidates should be added to the candidates list and the Elections Canada website, in addition to more information on candidates.

Members asked if there could be a more comprehensive model for training Electoral District Associations and candidates, with more face to face instruction. François Bernier replied that Elections Canada holds training sessions across Canada, but cannot pay travel expenses for people to attend. Elections Canada is looking at the possibility of delivering training via video conference and does utilise that medium, but they are expensive to produce and somewhat difficult to keep current.

There was a suggestion that more transparency in election spending reporting is required, and that the effects of leader's debates need to be studied to make it fairer for the smaller parties.

It was also suggested that Elections Canada should look to the infrastructure and support systems for the next general election. The CEO replied that this will be reflected in Vision 2015.

A question was asked if it would be possible to allow for early candidate nominations now that we know the date of the next election. The CEO replied that candidates cannot register before the drop of the writ as the currency of the signatures on the nomination papers need to be valid.

There was a suggestion that Elections Canada should make electronic riding maps available.