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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting – June 27–28, 2011

Concluding Remarks from the CEO

The Chief Elections Officer indicated that he felt that the ACPP AGM had been very productive and that there had been much good feedback. Many ideas have been advanced at would find their way into the preparation work for Vision 2015. He stated that there were many recommendations relating to Political Financing already before Parliament, and that he will pursue these with PROC.

The CEO indicated that Elections Canada would have to do a better job of informing candidates and parties of the proper channels through which to communicate with Elections Canada during an election, and that Elections Canada needs to fully think through issues relating to services to electors, within the bounds of what is possible under the Act.

The CEO indicated that mobile polls in remote areas will be reviewed, as well as the possibility of online bingo cards. He indicated that there had been productive discussions regarding political financing and that Elections Canada is committed to simplifying the regulatory burden imposed by the Canada Elections Act.

On the issue of horizontal audits of contributions, the CEO indicated that these audits exist elsewhere and that Elections Canada wants would like to be in position to advise political parties early date if problems are detected.

The CEO concluded that he was pleased with the discussions over the last 2 days and that he is looking forward to continued collaboration with the members of the ACPP. The CEO noted that Vision 2015 will be the focus of next year's Annual General Meeting.