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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting – June 20 and 21, 2016

Recommendations Report

Anne Lawson, General Counsel and Senior Director, Legal Services, gave ACPP members an overview of proposed amendments to the CEA under consideration for inclusion in the CEO's recommendations report to Parliament, scheduled for tabling in September 2016. This was followed by a working session, in which members learned more about the recommendations that would directly impact political parties and their activities.

ACPP members then broke into five groups for the working session and round table discussions about the proposed recommendations. They were invited to provide written input on the recommendations following the meeting.

Proposed recommendations for 2016 report covering issues previously raised by the CEO:

Proposed key recommendations discussed during the working session (five groups):

Group 1: New Voting Model

Group 2: Other Voting Issues

Group 3: Candidate and Party Issues

Group 4: Political Financing

Group 5: Compliance Issues