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Meeting Summary – General Meeting – December 45, 2014

Political Financing Systems

Jeff Merrett presented on the implementation of Bill C-23 in political financing systems.

A timeline for the development of political financing systems was presented, with emphasis on the deployment dates for the Electronic Financial Return (EFR) application used by political entities to submit their financial returns. It was stated that a version of EFR for nomination contestants and party quarterly returns would be ready on December 19, 2014; a version for candidate returns would be ready on March 1, 2015; and a version for electoral district associations, leadership contestants and party annual returns would be ready by June 30, 2015.

Follow-up questions were asked about the use of electronic signatures and tax credits for political contributions. The EFR application does not accept electronic signatures at this time, but this will be reviewed in the future since Bill C-23 amended the Act to allow the CEO to accept different forms of signatures.