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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting of June 13–14, 2013

Appendix B: Meeting Participants

Political Party Representative(s)
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada Liz White
Stephen Best
Bloc Québécois Sylvain Boyer
Canadian Action Party Will Arlow
Christian Heritage Party of Canada Louis Kwantes
Communist Party of Canada Miguel Figueroa
Conservative Party of Canada Dan Hilton
Chad Bowie
Green Party of Canada Matthew Clarke (June 13)
Diana Nunes (June 13)
Craig Cantin (June 14)
Liberal Party of Canada Jacques Laliberté
Robert Jamieson
Libertarian Party of Canada Jean-Serge Brisson
Marijuana Party Talis-Ilmars Brauns
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada Anna Di Carlo
Christian Legeais
New Democratic Party Chantal Vallerand
Isaac Cockburn
Online Party of Canada Jean-François Frenette
Benjamin Odynski
Pirate Party of Canada Travis McCrea
Rhinoceros Party Jean-Patrick Berthiaume
Rishar Côté
Western Block Party Paul Fromm