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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting – October 11–12, 2012

10) Concluding Remarks from the Chief Electoral Officer

The CEO thanked ACPP members for their participation and emphasized the value and importance of their contributions for Elections Canada. As an operational agency without an ombudsman and advocacy role, Elections Canada must work within the existing legislation and is often limited in its ability to address matters raised by members. However, ACPP views are often reflected in reports made to Parliament, including recommendation reports.

Elections Canada strives to work within the legislation and to facilitate the voting process, and will continue to seek the input of members as plans are developed. It will also continue work to clearly articulate its positions and develop tools to assist parties in complying with legislation.

The CEO reiterated the upcoming engagement requests that will be made of ACPP and the importance of the feedback members will be asked to provide, in particular with respect to the Compliance Review and the Roadmap to 2015 initiatives. Follow-up items required by Elections Canada were also highlighted, and the CEO indicated that he will respond to privacy concerns raised about the alignment of census boundaries at the next ACPP meeting.

The next annual general meeting of the ACPP is anticipated to take place in June 2013.