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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting – October 11–12, 2012

3) Introduction of the Commissioner of Canada Elections

The CEO introduced Yves Côté, who was named Commissioner of Canada Elections in June 2012. The Commissioner then addressed members, highlighting the following:


Much of the discussion focussed on describing the requirements and authority for intervention by the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections. Further to questions, the Commissioner and CEO clarified that the only mechanism provided by the CEA to contest election results is an application by an elector to the court; neither Elections Canada nor the Commissioner has that authority. However, an elector can request an investigation by the Commissioner, and Elections Canada may similarly refer matters to the Commissioner's Office for investigation (e.g. political financing irregularities). Based on the findings of an investigation, the Commissioner may then pursue the matter further (e.g. a caution letter, a compliance agreement, referral to the Director of Public Prosecutions, etc.).