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Meeting Summary – Annual General Meeting of the Advisory Committee of Political Parties – June 21–22, 2010

Youth Outreach

In order to address the decline of youth participation in elections, Elections Canada presented findings by Decode on methods that would improve communications with students. (Further details were provided to members, containing the company's findings, as part of their information packages.) Looking forward, Elections Canada will produce an action plan based on the results stemming from various research initiatives to address youth participation in the voting process.

Discussion with ACPP Members

Members encouraged Elections Canada to utilize all university and college campuses as polling stations, where students would also be granted the choice of voting in the riding from which they originated or the riding in which the school is located.

Members noted that student unions might appear as an efficient manner of reaching the larger student body, but that this type of outreach is probably focused on those who are already politically active and most likely cast a ballot.

Mr. Belaineh Deguefé explained that youth as a whole, not only students, need to be addressed. The goal will be for Elections Canada to segment different target youth groups, which leads to a systematic approach, beginning with students.