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Meeting Summary – Meeting of the Advisory Committee of Political Parties – February 22, 2008

Welcome and Opening Remarks by the Chief Electoral Officer

The Summary of Proceedings of the October 19, 2007, meeting was reviewed and approved by the members. The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) provided an update on relevant legislative initiatives (C-16 – advance polling days, C-6 – visual ID of electors, C-20 – selection of senators, C-22 – additional seats, C-29 – loans) and court cases (Henry v. Canada and Longley v. Canada), as well as his parliamentary appearances since the last meeting. The CEO pointed out that Bill C-20 presents challenges for both Elections Canada and those who would participate in the process. He added that Bill C-18 will allow more flexibility for electors to meetĚthe proof of address requirement brought by Bill C-31 (S.C. 2007, c. 21) and thanked members for their support at the last meeting in resolving the civic address issue.

Members were also informed that 26 training sessions for financial agents of electoral district associations (EDAs) had taken place across the country, with close to 400 participants. Members were informed that there is the possibility for arranging sessions upon request, provided advance notice is given. Members were invited to show their interest in participating in focus groups to provide input on the future direction of Elections Canada's training and information products. Members suggested that the training sessions be recorded and made available on-line.