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Meeting Summary – Meeting of the Advisory Committee of Political Parties – February 22, 2008

Appendix 2: List of participants

Committee members (in alphabetical order by political party name)
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada Ms. Liz White, Leader
Mr. Stephen Best, Chief Agent
Bloc Québécois Mr. Martin Carpentier, Directeur de l'organisation
Canadian Action Party Mr. Will Arlow, Representative
Christian Heritage Party of Canada Mr. Ron Gray, Leader
Communist Party of Canada Ms. Liz Rowley, Member of the Central Executive Committee
Conservative Party of Canada Ms. Susan Kehoe, Executive Director
Mr. Jeff Donald, Political Operations Officer
First Peoples National Party of Canada Ms. Noeline Villebrun, Leader, North Division
Green Party of Canada Ms. Sharon Labchuk, Director of Organizing
Mr. Mark Kersten, Ridings Coordinator
Mr. Jim Harris, Campaign Chair
Liberal Party of Canada Mr. Jack Siegel, Legal Counsel
Mr. Harry Mortimer, Controller and Provincial and Territorial Financial Services Manager
Libertarian Party of Canada Mr. Jean-Serge Brisson, Leader
Mr. Wade Racine, Representative
Marijuana Party Ms. Jan Redekop, Chief Agent
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada Ms. Anna DiCarlo, Secretary
Mr. Pierre Chenier, Representative Mr. John Turner, Candidate (Vancouver Quadra)
New Democratic Party Ms. Heather Fraser, Director of Organization
Ms. Jess Turk-Browne, Assistant Federal Secretary
Progressive Canadian Party The Honourable Sinclair Stevens, Leader

Elections Canada staff
Mr. Marc Mayrand Chief Electoral Officer
Ms. Diane Davidson Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Chief Legal Counsel and Regulatory Affairs
Mr. Rennie Molnar Associate Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Electoral Events
Ms. Janice Vézina Associate Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Political Financing and Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Stéphane Perrault Senior General Counsel and Senior Director, Legal Services
Mr. Belaineh Deguefé Director General, Outreach, Communications and Research
Ms. Michèle René de Cotret General Counsel and Director, Legislative Policy and Analysis
Mr. Hughes St-Pierre Acting Senior Director, Corporate Services
Mr. Michel Roussel Senior Director, Field Readiness and Event Management
Mr. Alain Pelletier Assistant Director, Corporate and Parliamentary Research
Ms. Vivian Cousineau Chief of Staff to the CEO
Mr. Paul Laronde Analyst, Corporate and Parliamentary Research