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Annual Report on the Access to Information Act for the period ending March 31, 2014

2.   Administration of the Access to Information Act

2.1   Education and Training

Educating Elections Canada staff about the Access to Information Act supports the agency's duty to assist individuals who request records under the organization's control. In 20132014, the ATIP Office routinely provided informal briefings and advice to Elections Canada's offices of primary interest on the processing of access to information requests. It canvassed each of these offices in order to plan the agency's training needs for the upcoming year. The ATIP Office also used Elections Canada's intranet site and contributed regularly to its monthly internal newsletter in order to raise awareness of access to information issues throughout the agency. No formal training sessions were conducted.

2.2   Institutional Access to Information Policies and Procedures

No new institution-specific policies or procedures related to access to information were implemented in this fiscal year.

2.3   Institutional Monitoring of Access to Information Requests

The ATIP Office uses its case management software to monitor the status of each request being processed, including the number of days remaining before the statutory deadline. A weekly progress report of all open and recently closed files is regularly provided to senior officials, including the Chief Electoral Officer and the Executive Committee.