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Annual Report on the Privacy Act for the Period Ending March 31, 2013

2. Key Activities and Accomplishments

2.1 Education and Training

Throughout 20122013, Elections Canada held six formal training sessions focused on protecting and managing personal information. A total of 34 employees took part. Additionally, four Elections Canada employees received training on their responsibilities as liaisons between their sector and the ATIP Office. Privacy training at Elections Canada typically involves explaining the privacy principles for the protection of personal information (the CSA model code), while providing advice on initiatives that use personal information. As a result, most training is conducted on an informal, one-on-one basis.

The ATIP Office also made efforts to raise awareness using internal communications tools. During the reporting period, the ATIP section of Elections Canada's intranet site was fundamentally restructured, updated and aligned with the Information Management section. This improved its usefulness for employees as a reference tool and learning resource on how to respond to access to information requests and manage personal information. The ATIP Office also contributed regularly to Elections Canada's monthly internal newsletter. Topics included securing personal information through encryption and the 10 privacy principles for effective management.

2.2 Institutional Privacy Policies and Procedures

No new institution-specific policies or procedures were implemented in this fiscal year. Elections Canada continued to update its information-sharing agreements with provincial and territorial electoral bodies in accordance with an enhanced information-sharing agreement template that meets all Treasury Board requirements.

2.3 Other Initiatives

In 20122013, the ATIP Office partnered with Elections Canada's operational sectors to begin updating the privacy notices on forms used by political participants and others. Elections Canada aims to be more transparent about why personal information is collected and how it is used. The project will continue in the new fiscal year.

2.4 Privacy Impact Assessments

The ATIP Office consistently undertakes PIAs and privacy impact risk assessments to address privacy risks in new or existing departmental programs, initiatives or projects that collect and retain personal information.

Elections Canada did not complete any PIAs in this fiscal year.