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Central Poll Supervisor Guidebook – Advance Polls

Other information

Cell phones inside the polling place

Electors can use their cell phones inside the polling place if they do not disturb others.

Media representatives and photographers

They may take pictures and video footage from outside the entrance as long as they don't prevent electors from entering the polling place. They are generally not allowed inside a polling place. If an exception applies, the RO will give you more information.

When a media representative or photographer arrives and the RO has not informed you

  1. Ask them to wait outside
  2. Call the office to ask if they are allowed to be there

Option 1

If not, inform them they are not allowed inside. Ask them to stay outside the entrance and not block electors

Option 2

If yes, monitor them closely

Make sure they don't interfere with electors voting and they stay away from voting screens

Traffic and lineups

  • politely ask electors who have voted to leave
  • if there are lineups at registration desks, ask Poll Clerks to pre-fill certificates if they are not busy
  • if registration desks are continuously busy, call office to get more Registration Officers
  • if a polling station is very busy, call office to get an additional Poll Clerk. Both Poll Clerks will share a List of Electors and DRO. The DRO can have only one ballot box