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Central Poll Supervisor Guidebook – Advance Polls

Set up the polling place Friday

  1. Arrive at polling place at 11 a.m. and unlock doors
    Note: candidates' representatives may arrive during set-up. Check their badge or admit them
  2. Write your name and 'Supervisor' on Election Personnel Identification Card EC 50210 and put it on. Wear it at all times
  3. Set up desks and tables for
    • Information Officers near entrance
    • Registration Officers in central area
    • polling stations in numerical order (e.g. 601, 602 and 603)
    Make sure there is enough space for people with reduced mobility
  4. Direct election officers to their table as they arrive. Ask them to start setting up their station using their guidebook
  5. Give each Information Officer and Registration Officer
    • their supplies
    • Alphabetical List of Electors by Site
  6. Give each Registration Officer a Poll Key
  7. Give each polling station a few copies of
    • EC 50050 Registration Certificate
    • EC 50051 Correction Certificate
    • EC 50055 Oath of Residence Certificate
    • EC 90189 Have Your ID Ready
  8. Tell all election officers to
    • check they have all their supplies and let you know if anything is missing
    • have their guidebook open on the table and use it to serve electors
    • review Have Your ID Ready EC 90189
    • direct any electors with complaints or accessibility issues to you
    Note: remind all election officers of the procedure to follow in case of an emergency and where to meet in case of an evacuation
  9. Set up the table for accessibility feedback in visible and central area
    • assemble 1 Accessibility Feedback Box EC 50121
    • put Polling Site Accessibility Feedback Forms EC 50119 on table next to the box
  10. Inside the polling place, post in a visible area
    • EC 10140 Notice of Advance Poll
    • EC 50118 Accessible Voting poster — English and French
    • EC 50172 Welcome to Your Polling Place poster — English and French
    • EC 94036 Have Your ID Ready poster — English and French
  11. Post inside and outside to direct electors to polling stations
    • EC 10960 Level Access Sign
    • EC 50160 Yellow Pennants
    • EC 50164 Round Arrow Sign
    • EC 50165 Advance Poll Pennant
    Use these signs to clearly identify the level access entrance
  12. If needed, identify parking spots for people with disabilities close to entrance with
    • EC 50167-A Wheelchair Parking Sign
    • EC 50167-B Stand for Wheelchair Parking Sign
  13. At 11:15 a.m., call office to confirm all election officers are present.
    Report any accessibility issues
  14. At 11:30 a.m., fill out Verification of Accessible Facilities Booklet EC 50115p. 4
    Note: if your polling place doesn't have an automatic door opener, give one Information Officer the task of staying by the doors at all times and opening them for people who may have difficulty getting in
  15. At 11:45 a.m. at the latest, do spot check
  16. At 12 p.m., let election officers know it's time to serve electors and open doors
  17. Check the time for your next spot check

Example polling place layout

Top view of a polling place with icons representing where poll workers could be situated.