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Central Poll Supervisor Guidebook – Ordinary Polls

Visit the polling place a week before

  1. Call polling place contact person and arrange for a visit
  2. Check layout of polling place. Plan placement of all stations
  3. Fill out section 1 of Verification of Accessible Facilities Booklet EC 50116p. 3.
    If instructed by RO, also fill out Polling Locations Accessibility Checklist EC 12152
  4. Check for and fix any accessibility issues with contact person
    Note: if the issue can't be fixed, call the office and inform them right away
  5. Ask contact person
    • if they will provide tables and chairs, or if the office will need to deliver them (tell them how many tables and chairs are needed)
    • if they will put tables and chairs in the room for you, or if you will have to do it yourself
    • if they will give you keys, or if they or someone else will open and lock up for you on election day
    • if you can have access the night before to set up
    • if there is a photocopier on site
    • if there is a phone on site that you can use on election day
      Note: if there is no phone, you may use your cell phone. Inform the office to make sure you get paid for usage
  6. Complete Important information page at the front of this guidebook
  7. Confirm you have enough Yellow Pennants EC 50160 and Round Arrow Signs EC 50164 to guide electors from the road to the polling stations
  8. Call office to let them know
    • you visited the polling place
    • any issues you have with the polling place
    • whether or not you can access the polling place the night before
    • polling place phone number