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Central Poll Supervisor Guidebook – Ordinary Polls

Get ready the night before

  1. Check your supplies
  2. Call all election officers on List of names and contact information for election officers.
    • they are available to work
    • they will arrive at the polling place at the time written at the front of their guidebook
    • they know where the polling place is located
    • they have a way of getting to the polling place
    • they will bring any food, water or medication they need or have it delivered
    Answer any questions. Call the office if you don't have answers
  3. Prepare any food, water and medication you will need
  4. On polling day, make sure you do not wear political party colours or strongly-scented products
  5. Review
    • EC 20045 Guidelines for Candidates' Representatives
    • EC 50026 Organizing and Returning Advance Poll Material poster
    • EC 50116 Verification of Accessible Facilities Booklet
    • EC 50340 Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook Ordinary Poll
    • EC 50356 Information Officer Guidebook
    • EC 50357 Registration Officer Guidebook
    • EC 90189 Have Your ID Ready
    Note: call the office if any supplies are missing, if an election officer might not be able to work, or if you expect any other issues