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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Advance Poll

Count the ballots

  • Step 1
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Unseal all 4 Daily Ballots Cast at the Advance Poll Envelopes EC 50400.
        Empty the envelopes into Ballot Box EC 50250.
        Mix ballots and empty the box onto table.
        Check under flaps
        Note: only you can touch ballots
  • Step 2
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • For each ballot
        • make sure your initials are on the back
        • unfold it
        • say out loud which candidate is marked
        • show it to everyone present
    • Poll Clerk
      • Each time DRO calls out a candidate's name, put a mark under their name on Tally Sheet EC 50090
  • Step 3
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Put each ballot in a pile for the selected candidate or a pile for rejected ballots
        Note: if you're unsure about accepting a ballot, see Samples of Marked Ballot Papers EC 50130
  • Step 4
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until every ballot has been put in a pile
  • Step 5
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Count each candidate pile.
        Compare your total to Poll Clerk's Tally Sheet EC 50090.
        Put each pile in 1 Ballots Cast for a Candidate Envelope EC 50450
  • Step 6
    • Poll Clerk
      • On each Ballots Cast for a Candidate Envelope EC 50450, write
        • candidate's name
        • total number of votes they received
        Copy total into box next to their name on Statement of the Vote EC 50100
  • Step 7
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Count pile of rejected ballots.
        Put them in Rejected Ballots Envelope EC 50440
  • Step 8
    • Poll Clerk
      • On Rejected Ballots Envelope EC 50440, write total number of rejected ballots, or 'NIL' if there are none.
        Copy total into box 3 on Statement of the Vote EC 50100