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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Advance Poll

Elector eligibility and identification (for deputy returning officers)

To vote at your polling station, an elector must be

  • at least 18 years old on election day
  • a Canadian citizen
  • on the List of Electors or have a Registration Certificate
  • living at an address assigned to your polling station

Elector identification options

Documents must be in English or French (or Inuktitut, in Nunavut), and in their original format. E-statement and e-invoice printouts are accepted and can also be shown on a mobile device.

Expired documents are accepted if they show the elector's name and current address. Documents to which the name or address have been added by hand are not accepted, unless they have been added by the issuer of the document.

Refer to Have Your ID Ready EC 90189 when you're not sure.

Option 1

Show driver's licence, provincial/territorial ID card or any other government card with their photo, name, and current address

Note: in some areas, ID may not show a residential address (e.g. PO box). If the address on their ID matches the List of Electors, the document is accepted

Option 2

Show 2 different pieces of ID from the list: both with their name and at least one with their current address

They have to be different (2 bank statements for the same account are not accepted)

Option 3

Show 2 different pieces of ID from the list with their name and have another elector attest to their address. Both electors have to sign the Oath of Residence Certificate

The attestor must
  • know the elector and where they live
  • live in the same polling division
  • be on the List of Electors or have a Registration Certificate
  • show proof of identity and address
  • have not attested to another elector's address
  • have not had their own address attested to

A DRO, Poll Clerk, candidate or representative can ask for an elector to take an oath if one of them doubts their

  • age or Canadian citizenship oath 1
  • residence because the elector's ID matches the list but doesn't show a residential address oath 2

Note: all requests for electors to take an oath must be made through the DRO