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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Advance Poll

Offences and suspicious activities (for both deputy returning officers and poll clerks)

If you see someone

  • destroy, vandalize or remove signs
  • destroy or vandalize a ballot or leave the polling place with one
  • destroy, take or interfere with a ballot box or ballot booklet
  • put anything in a ballot box that shouldn't be there
  • take a picture of a marked ballot and show the picture to others
  • take a ballot if it's not issued by a DRO or try to use a forged ballot
  • try to vote when not qualified or eligible
  • try to vote in another elector's name or try to vote twice
  • try to register or vote illegally, or encourage another person to do so
  • try to bribe or force someone to vote, to vote a certain way or to refrain from voting
  • intimidate or shove an elector, interrupt them voting, or prevent or try to prevent them from voting
  • pretend to be someone they are not, including a candidate or their representative, or encourage another person to do so
  • give out wrong information about a candidate or political party, when and where to vote, what ID to use or who is allowed to vote
  1. Call CPS over right away
  2. Give them as much detail as possible, such as the person's name, address, time of incident, and any statements made by that person
  3. Follow their instructions
    Note: you may be asked to write a detailed description of what happened

Call CPS over right away if

  • something is suspicious, concerning, illegal or could prevent electors from voting
  • an election officer seems to be turning away electors with correct ID or is preventing eligible electors from voting
  • a serious problem keeps happening or there is a suspicious pattern