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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Advance Poll

Serve electors

  • Step 1
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Greet elector by saying, 'Hello, bonjour,' and ask them to say their name and address
        Note: electors can show their ID instead
  • Step 2
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Ask them to show ID with name and address. Make sure it is acceptable and matches the List of Electors
        Note: if they don't have ID or another elector to attest to their address, give them Have Your ID Ready EC 90189 and ask them to come back with acceptable ID
    • Poll Clerk
      • Find their name on List of Electors or Statement of Changes.
        Say their sequence number out loud for the candidates' representatives
  • Step 3
    • Poll Clerk
      • On Record of Votes Cast at the Advance Polling Station EC 50080, assign them a consecutive number and fill in their
        • name
        • address
        • ordinary polling division number
        • sequence number, if they are on the list
  • Step 4
    • Poll Clerk
      • Ask them to sign the record.
        They must sign it to receive a ballot
  • Step 5
    • Deputy Returning Officer
    • Poll Clerk
      • Draw a line through their name on the List of Electors or Statement of Changes
  • Step 6
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Instruct them to
        • go behind voting screen
        • mark circle for their candidate
        • not make any other markings on their ballot
        • return ballot to you folded the same way
          Note: ballot must be folded the same way before you can accept it
  • Step 7
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Check the returned ballot see Fig. B
  • Step 8
    • Poll Clerk
      • After they put their ballot in the box, tick Voted box on Record of Votes Cast
  • Step 9
    • Poll Clerk
      • If elector is on the list, write their ordinary polling station and sequence number on Statement of the Electors Who Voted at the Advance Poll EC 50109 (bingo sheet)
  • Step 10
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Ask them to put their VIC in VIC Collection Box EC 50255 on their way out if they wish

Fig. A Issue the ballot

Steps to issue a ballot

Text version of "Steps to issue a ballot"

Note: you can prefold several ballots in a booklet

Fig. B Check the returned ballot

Steps to check the returned ballot

Text version of "Steps to check the returned ballot"


  • A DRO and a Poll Clerk must both be present to serve electors.
    • Stop serving electors if one of you is away
  • Only authorized candidates' representatives can be at your station.
    • Check all candidates' representatives' badges
  • You must start and finish with the same number of ballots.
    • Balance ballots 4 times a day
  • Remove any partisan material.
    Keep voting pencils sharp.
    • Check behind your voting screen often
  • The ballot box must remain on the table until you close your station.
    • Never leave your ballot box unattended
  • Control traffic at your station.
    • Ask electors to wait behind the line
    • Ask electors who voted to leave
  • Protect personal information.
    • Keep List of Electors covered when not in use
    • Put VICs in VIC Collection Box EC 50255 not in the trash