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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Mobile Poll

Other situations (for deputy returning officers)

Elector's face is covered

Option 1: They decide to take off their face covering

Serve elector following regular process

Option 2: They decide to keep their face covered, show 2 pieces of ID and take an oath

  • read oath 1 to elector — Book of Oaths p. 5
  • in Poll Book p. 4 (on the list) or p. 12 (not on the list) Poll Clerk writes Elector information and ticks box for oath 1 next to their name
  • serve elector following regular process

Request for elector to take oath 1 or 2

Electors can't be asked to take an oath after they receive a ballot.

Note: if the elector refuses to take the oath, do not give them a ballot. They can appeal to the RO, who will then decide whether or not they have to take the oath. Call the office for instructions
  1. Read oath to elector — Book of Oaths p. 5
  2. In Poll Book p. 4 (on the list) or p. 12 (not on the list) Poll Clerk
    • writes Elector information
    • ticks box for oath 1 or oath 2
  3. Serve elector following regular process

Difficult candidates' representatives

If a representative challenges several electors or disobeys the guidelines

  1. Take representative aside and ask them to explain their reasons for objecting
  2. Resolve situation as calmly as possible
  3. Remind them they have to respect Guidelines for Candidates' Representatives EC 20045
  4. Call office for help if they repeatedly challenge electors or disobey guidelines
    Note: you might be asked to fill out an Incident Report EC 10051. Put it in a Large All-Purpose Envelope EC 11520
  5. In Poll Book p. 29 (Notable Events), Poll Clerk writes
    • name of candidate
    • short description of situation

Elector wants to be served in French

  1. Say, 'Bonjour,' and give them Bilingual Services Card EC 50140
    Note: the card asks them to show you ID and informs them they need ID to vote
  2. If they are having difficulty, say, 'Un moment s'il vous plaît,' and call office for help

Elector has or needs an interpreter

Interpreters may not go behind the screen with electors or help them mark the ballot.

If an elector requests a language or sign language interpreter, call the office to see if they can provide one.

You can also appoint an interpreter

  1. Fill out Appointment and Oath EC 10130.
    Administer the oath to interpreter.
    Get them to sign the form
  2. Separate the form
  3. Give yellow copy to interpreter
  4. Bring white copy to the office at end of day to make sure they get paid

Elector, election officer or representative has a concern or complaint

  1. Ask them to explain the situation
  2. Take their feedback or complaint seriously
  3. If something can be done, tell them you will try to fix the issue
    Note: if you can't fix the issue or are not sure, tell them you will report it to the RO, who will try to fix it that day
  4. Thank them for their feedback
  5. Fix whatever you can safely and quickly
  6. Fill out an Incident Report EC 10051
  7. Keep any related evidence with the report

Elector spoiled their ballot

  1. Write 'spoiled' across the back without unfolding it.
    Do not remove the counterfoil
  2. Put it in Spoiled Ballots Envelope EC 50430
  3. Tell elector they only get 1 replacement ballot
  4. Issue them a second ballot
  5. Serve elector following regular process

Elector refuses ballot or protests against candidates

  1. Tell elector there is no process for protesting or refusing a ballot in federal elections
  2. If they still won't go behind the voting screen, politely ask them to give back the ballot and ask them to leave
  3. Remove counterfoil and put ballot in the box. It will be rejected at the count
  4. Poll Clerk
    • draws a line through their name on the list
    • ticks Voted box beside their name

Candidate or representative objects to ballot

Note: only during the count

  1. In Poll Book p. 35, Poll Clerk writes
    • name of person objecting
    • reason
  2. On back of ballot, write your initials and objection number
  3. Accept or reject ballot and place it in the appropriate pile. Your decision is final
  4. Poll Clerk ticks accepted or rejected box

Counterfoil still attached to ballot

  1. Don't let anyone see serial number
  2. Remove counterfoil
  3. Tear counterfoil
  4. Put it in plastic bag
  5. Mix ballot in with others
  6. Continue to count ballots

No initials on back of ballot

If you believe you issued it and all ballots are accounted for, write your initials on back, mix it in with other ballots and continue counting. If you do not believe you issued it, put it in the rejected pile.