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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Mobile Poll

Pre-fill Registration Certificate EC 50050 (for poll clerks)

  1. Write the following at top of certificate
    • electoral district name
    • elector's ordinary polling division number
  2. Tick Filled in by box at top
  3. Using elector's ID, write their information in section 1
    • family and given names
    • date of birth
      Note: date of birth is used to differentiate electors with the same name. If they do not provide it, they will need to register again at the next election
    • gender
    • street number and name
    • unit or apartment number
    • city, town, village or municipality
    • province
    • postal code
    • mailing address, if different
    • previous home address, if available
  4. Give certificate to DRO

Image of Registration Certificate EC 50050