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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Ordinary Poll

Record and report results (for poll clerk)

  1. Put aside 1 Long Ballot Box Seal EC 50200 and 2 Short Ballot Box Seals EC 50190 to seal box later.
    Copy number from Long Ballot Box Seal EC 50200
    • onto Seal Control Sheet EC 50205
    • into box 10 on Statement of the Vote EC 50100
  2. On Statement of the Vote EC 50100
    • add number of votes for all candidates.
      Write total in box 2
    • add numbers in boxes 2 and 3.
      Write total in boxes 4 and 5
    • add numbers in boxes 5, 6, and 7.
      Write total in box 8
    • copy number of ballots from Notice to Deputy Returning Officer EC 10002 into box 9
      Note: DRO takes Notice home and destroys it after 60 days
    Note: the totals in boxes 1 and 5 should match.
    The totals in boxes 8 and 9 should match.
    If they don't, ask CPS for help and try to find your error.
    After 3 attempts, if they still don't match, write a note on the Statement of the Vote and continue
  3. Sign Statement of the Vote and get DRO to check and sign it
  4. Call CPS over to
    • do their spot check
    • use pink copy of Statement of the Vote to call in the results
    • give you permission to seal envelopes containing ballots
    Note: if there is no CPS, DRO calls in results as instructed by office
  5. DRO seals each of these envelopes with 1 Official Seal EC 50180, signs it and gets you to sign it
    • EC 50420 Unused Ballots Envelope
    • EC 50430 Spoiled Ballots Envelope
    • EC 50440 Rejected Ballots Envelope
    • EC 50450 Ballots Cast for a Candidate Envelopes
  6. If candidates or representatives are present, fill out Copy of Statement of the Vote for Candidates and Representatives EC 50110
  7. Follow steps to organize and return your material