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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Ordinary Poll

Get ready the night before (for deputy returning officers)

  1. Check your supplies
  2. When the CPS calls
    • tell them if anything is missing
    • that you will be able to work
    • that you know where your polling place is located
  3. Count all ballots.
    Confirm total matches number of ballots and serial numbers on Notice to Deputy Returning Officer EC 10002
  4. Inspect each ballot to make sure
    • it shows every candidate's name
    • it is not stained or badly printed
    If a ballot doesn't pass inspection
    • fold its corners
    • leave it in the booklet
    • don't use it when you serve electors
  5. Review
    • List of Electors
    • EC 20045 Guidelines for Candidates' Representatives
    • EC 50060 Poll Book
    • EC 50061 Deputy Returning Officer's Book of Oaths
    • EC 90189 Have Your ID Ready
  6. Prepare any food, water and medication you will need
  7. On polling day, make sure you do not wear political party colours or strongly-scented products