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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Ordinary Poll

Serve electors

  • Step 1
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Greet elector by saying, 'Hello, bonjour,' and ask them to say their name and address
        Note: electors can show their ID instead
  • Step 2
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Ask them to show ID with name and address. Make sure it is acceptable and matches the List of Electors
        Note: if they don't have ID or another elector to attest to their address, give them Have Your ID Ready EC90189 and ask them to come back with acceptable ID
    • Poll Clerk
      • Find their name on List of Electors.
        Say their sequence number out loud for candidates' representatives
  • Step 3
    • Deputy Returning Officer
    • Poll Clerk
      • Draw a line through their name on the List of Electors
  • Step 4
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Instruct them to
        • go behind voting screen
        • mark circle for their candidate
        • not make any other markings on their ballot
        • return ballot to you folded the same way
        Note: ballot must be folded the same way before you can accept it
  • Step 5
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Check the returned ballot see Fig. B
  • Step 6
    • Poll Clerk
      • After they put their ballot in the box, tick Voted box on the list.
        For electors not on the list, tick Voted box beside their name Poll Book p.12
        Note: skip this step for electors who took oath 4
  • Step 7
    • Poll Clerk
      • If elector is on the list, circle their sequence number on Statement of the Electors Who Voted on Polling Day EC 50111 (bingo sheet).
        Write numbers higher than 700 at the bottom
  • Step 8
    • Deputy Returning Officer
      • Ask them to put their VIC in VIC Collection Box EC 50255 on their way out if they wish

Fig. A Issue the ballot

Steps to issue a ballot

Text version of "Steps to issue a ballot"

Note: you can prefold several ballots in a booklet

Fig. B Check the returned ballot

Steps to check the returned ballot

Text version of "Steps to check the returned ballot"


  • A DRO and a Poll Clerk must both be present to serve electors.
    • Stop serving electors if one of you is away
  • Only authorized candidates' representatives can be at your station.
    • Check all candidates' representatives' badges
  • You must start and finish with the same number of ballots.
    • Balance ballots at least 3 times during the day
  • Remove any partisan material.
    Keep voting pencils sharp.
    • Check behind your voting screen often
  • The ballot box must remain on the table until you close your station.
    • Never leave your ballot box unattended
  • Control traffic at your station.
    • Ask electors to wait behind the line
    • Ask electors who voted to leave
  • Information Officers collect bingo sheets throughout the day.
    • Every 60 minutes, Poll Clerk signs the form and puts
      • the first copy in Original Copies of Statement of Electors Who Voted at the Polling Station Envelope EC 50385
      • give others to designated Information Officer
      Poll Clerk starts a new form
  • Protect personal information.
    • Keep List of Electors covered when not in use
    • Put VICs in VIC Collection Box EC 50255 not in the trash