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Information Officer Guidebook

List of supplies

  • Alphabetical List of Electors by Site (may be provided by CPS) inside Large All-Purpose Envelope EC 11520
  • Poll Key (may be provided by CPS if no Registration Officer) inside Large All-Purpose Envelope EC 11520
  • File folders with candidates' names (only on election day)
  • EC 10130 Appointments and Oath keep it with you at all times
  • EC 50255 VIC Collection Box
  • EC 50471 Supplies Kit for Information Officer that contains
    • black pen
    • EC 50145 Bilingual Welcome Card pack of 5
    • EC 50210 Election Personnel Identification Card
    • EC 50291 Paper Ruler
  • EC 90189 Have Your ID Ready 1 pad
Note: the office decides what day you will receive your supplies