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Information Officer Guidebook

Other situations

Elector has Transfer Certificate

These certificates (EC 10190 or EC 50052) allow elector to vote at another polling station. They are used only on election day.

  1. Find their polling station number on the certificate
  2. Remind them they will need ID and to give the certificate to DRO
  3. Send them to their polling station

Elector wants to be served in French

  1. Say, 'Bonjour', and give them Bilingual Welcome Card EC 50145
    Note: the card asks them to show you ID and informs them they need ID to vote
  2. Find their name and polling station on the List of Electors using information on their ID or VIC
  3. Send them to their polling station
  4. If they are having difficulty, say 'Un moment s'il vous plaît' and ask CPS for help

Elector's VIC contains errors

Inform them the error can be fixed with a Correction Certificate EC 50051. Send them to the Registration Officer, or their polling station if there is no Registration Officer at your polling place.