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Information Officer Guidebook

Set up your station

  1. Arrive at polling place at the time written at the front of this guidebook
  2. Report to CPS and get supplies if needed
    Note: candidates' representatives may arrive during set-up. Greet and send them to CPS
  3. If your table hasn't already been set up at the entrance to face electors as they arrive, set it up yourself.
    Make sure there is enough space for people with reduced mobility
  4. Check your list of supplies and tell CPS if anything is missing
  5. Write your name and 'Information Officer' on Election Personnel Identification Card EC†50210 and put it on. Wear it at all times
  6. Assemble VIC Collection Box EC†50255 and put it on your table
  7. Organize supplies on your table
  8. Find where polling stations, washrooms, public telephones and emergency exits are located
  9. Find the designated accessible entrance and check that the automatic door opener works.
    Note: if there is no automatic door opener or it doesn't work, the CPS will give one of you the task of opening the door for people who may have difficulty getting in
  10. Do any other tasks assigned by CPS
  11. If it is election day, complete tasks to set up for candidatesí representatives
  12. Review Have Your ID Ready EC†90189
  13. At the start of voting hours written at the front of this guidebook, serve electors