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Information Officer Guidebook

Serve electors

Flowchart: How to properly serve an elector

Text version of "Serve electors"

Note: if there is no Registration Officer or they are busy, you can find the elector's polling station on the Poll Key

Keep List of Electors covered when you are not using it


  • Collect them after electors vote
  • Put them in the collection box, not the trash
  • Check around polling place regularly to collect cards left by electors
  • Electors wants to keep their VIC

Send to CPS

  • Complaints or problems
  • Difficult candidates' representatives
  • Elector wants to be removed from the List of Electors permanently
  • Elector has or needs a language or sign-language interpreter


  • Only let a few electors inside at a time
  • Ask electors waiting to vote to move away from voting screens
  • Politely ask electors who have already voted to leave

When candidate's representative asks for bingo sheets

Other situations

  • Elector has Transfer Certificate
  • Elector wants to be served in French
  • Elector's VIC contains errors

Elector with a disability

Other information

  • Cell phones inside polling place
  • Media representatives and photographers
  • Offences and suspicious activities