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Information Officer Guidebook

Candidates and their representatives

Greet them and send them to the CPS or designated DRO.

Their main point of contact at your polling place is the CPS or designated DRO, who can ask them to leave or have them removed if they don't follow Guidelines for Candidates' Representatives EC 20045.

They may

  • be under 18 years of age
  • be a non-Canadian citizen
  • observe activities at your polling place
  • collect the Statement of the Electors Who Voted on Polling Day EC 50111 (bingo sheet) throughout election day
  • at the close of advance polls every night, request a photocopy of each Statement of the Electors who Voted at the Advance Poll EC 50109 (bingo sheet)

They may not

  • interfere with the voting process
  • disobey CPS or DRO directions or decisions
  • bring in any documents, folders, clothes or items that show the name, emblem or colour of a political party or candidate (CPS or designated DRO decides what is acceptable)

Set up for candidates' representatives

Do these steps on election day only.

  1. Set up a table near the entrance for candidates' representatives
  2. Lay out file folders with candidate names on the table
  3. Every 60 minutes, collect Statement of the Electors Who Voted on Polling Day EC 50111 (bingo sheet) from each Poll Clerk
    • 2 sets of forms if there are 4 to 7 candidates
    • 3 sets if there are 8 to 11 candidates
  4. Put a copy of each form you collect in every folder

When a candidate's representative asks for bingo sheets

  1. Ask to see their Authorization of a Candidate's Representative EC 20020
    It should be folded inside Plastic Badge Holder EC 20909 behind a Candidate's Representative Badge EC 20901
    Note: candidates do not need an authorization form or badge
  2. Check that the Election Officer Section is signed and dated by a CPS or DRO.
    If it is not, or if they don't have a form, send them to CPS.
    At advance polls, send them directly to CPS
  3. Do the following steps on election day only
    • Give them the bingo sheets from the folder for their candidate
    • Put the empty folder back on the table