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Registration Officer Guidebook

Pre-fill Correction Certificate EC 50051

Electors crossed off the list with code S or X need to confirm they didn't already vote at the advance polls or by special ballot at this election.

  1. Write the following at top of certificate
    • electoral district name
    • elector's ordinary polling division number
  2. Tick Filled in by box at top
    Note: you can ask the elector for ID to help you fill out the certificate, but they don't have to provide it
  3. Write elector's information in section 1
    • sequence number (second column on List of Electors)
    • family and given names
    • date of birth and gender
  4. If elector's address or mailing address needs to be corrected, write the following in section 1
    • street number, name, type and direction
    • unit or apartment number
    • city, town, municipality or village
    • province and postal code
  5. Tell them the DRO will complete the rest of the certificate
  6. Give them certificate and remind them they will need their ID
Image of EC 50051 Correction Certificate