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Elections Canada Launches Advisory Group for Disability Issues

Ottawa, Thursday, February 27, 2014 – Elections Canada today is holding the first meeting of its new Advisory Group for Disability Issues.

The group will provide the Agency with accessibility advice on initiatives planned for the 2015 federal general election. It will also help identify the best ways to inform people with disabilities on where and when to register and vote during elections.

"Voting is a fundamental right for all Canadians," said Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand. "For over a decade, Elections Canada has been working to make elections more accessible by providing information in multiple formats, choosing accessible polling sites and offering diverse voting methods. We look forward to continuing to work with the disability community to better understand barriers and find solutions."

In response to direction from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, and in recognition of the evolving needs of people with disabilities, Elections Canada is committed to ongoing consultation with groups that represent people with disabilities. The Advisory Group is the result of that commitment.

Advisory Group Members

The Advisory Group's work will build on consultations that took place in 2011–2012 with 19 organizations representing people with disabilities. It also complements Elections Canada's research on voting barriers faced by Canadians with disabilities.

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