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Chief Electoral Officer Responds to Conclusion Reached by the Commissioner of Canada Elections

Ottawa, Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"It is clear that the leadership contestants who continue to have unpaid debts from the Liberal Party of Canada's 2006 leadership contest are not in compliance with the Canada Elections Act," said Mr. Mayrand. "However, the Act, as currently drafted, does not provide a means by which these contestants can be sanctioned or compelled to repay their outstanding debts."

Mr. Mayrand further stated: "The recent conclusion reached by the Commissioner of Canada Elections points to a significant gap in the legislation that allows candidates and leadership contestants to fund their campaigns through loans which they do not repay, thereby defeating the strict limit on contributions set out by the Canada Elections Act. Legislation is urgently needed to provide effective remedies to guard against this practice and to maintain the integrity of our political financing regime."


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