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Election Advertising Handbook for Third Parties, Financial Agents and Auditors (EC 20227) – April 2017

About This Document

Introduction to the handbook

This handbook is designed to assist third parties, financial agents and auditors. It is a tool that will help in the financial administration of the third party with respect to election advertising.

This document is not intended to replace the Canada Elections Act. In all cases, the Act takes precedence over information and explanations provided in this handbook. How the Act applies to a particular case will depend on the circumstances of that case.

Elections Canada will review the contents of this handbook on a regular basis and make updates as required.

The handbook consists of three chapters:

  1. Registering a Third Party
  2. Election Advertising and Financial Administration
  3. Reporting

What's new in this release?

Release Where Title Summary
April 2017 Tables and Reminders Registration requirements
Important deadlines
Updated tables summarizing the registration and reporting requirements.
April 2017 Tables and Reminders Roles and appointment process New tables summarizing information about the roles of the financial agent and auditor.
April 2017 Election Advertising and Financial Administration n/a Updated chapter with more content and examples about advertising activities.
April 2017 All n/a References to Elections Canada's written opinions, guidelines and interpretations notes (OGIs) added throughout the handbook as applicable.

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