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2017 Guidelines for Use of the Lists of Electors

I. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to provide candidates, members of Parliament and registered parties ("authorized recipients") with privacy best practices for the acceptable use of the lists of electors. This will ensure effective protection and management of personal information contained in the lists of electors.

Elections Canada values privacy and recognizes that the protection of personal information of Canadian electors is an essential element in continuously earning and maintaining the public's trust. Therefore, Elections Canada is providing these guidelines to authorized recipients to outline the appropriate measures that should be taken to ensure that the lists of electors are used in an acceptable manner and that personal information is protected against accidental or unauthorized access, disclosure or use.

It should be noted that Elections Canada, which is the term commonly used to reference the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, is a government institution subject to the Privacy Act. The Privacy Act provides that, subject to any other Act of Parliament or specific exceptions outlined in subsection 8(2) of the Privacy Act, personal information under the control of a government institution should not be disclosed to third parties. The disclosure of personal information contained in the lists of electors is authorized and governed by the Canada Elections Act.