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Compliance Review – Interim Report – A Review of Compliance with Election Day Registration and Voting Process Rules

Solutions Identified

Reviewing identified causes for non-compliance, a reader may find themselves immediately thinking about related solutions. This was certainly a tendency during consultative sessions with review participants any identified cause of non-compliance would immediately, spontaneously generate a list of ways to address it.

As might be expected, many suggested solutions pertain directly to more than one of the causal themes of non-compliance identified. For this reason, this review took efforts to find recurring "clusters" or solution themes.

Five themes for solution emerged in the review process:

  1. Simplify the process for electors and workers;
  2. Improve and clarify supervision;
  3. Improve recruitment and testing;
  4. Improve training and evaluation; and
  5. Use technology to more effectively manage information.

Specific solutions identified within each of these themes are discussed below.

For brevity's sake, the many different solutions that review participants identified and discussed are bullet-listed. Some were developed more fully than others during workshop sessions, but the intention here is to provide a similar level of detail for each distinct concept that was raised and generally agreed to have merit.

Not every specific suggestion has been included, but every general way to address causes of non-compliance that was identified and given credence in review discussion should be found in the next eight pages.

Simplify the Process for Electors and Workers

Improve & Clarify Supervision

Improve Recruitment and Testing

Improve Training and Evaluation

Use Technology to More Effectively Manage Information