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Discussion Paper: Issues Arising from Improper Telecommunications with Electors

1. Alleged Improper Communications with Electors: What Happened in the May 2, 2011, General Election

This part of the paper summarizes the events that took place in the May 2, 2011, general election and reiterates steps that were taken in the following months by Elections Canada to investigate the matter.

Footnote 1 The following is based on information that was made publicly available through court records in the course of the Commissioner of Canada Elections' investigation. At the time of writing, the investigation is ongoing.

Footnote 2 An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical address assigned to each computer device that uses the Internet Protocol for communication on the Internet. The IP address can provide the physical address of a computer connected to the Internet through access to records of the Internet Service Provider.

Footnote 3 This number reflects instances of alleged improper phone calls reported by electors, as opposed to expressions of outrage or calls for action.