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Electoral Insight – Readjustment of Federal Electoral Boundaries

Electoral Insight – October 2002

Electoral Facts

Wayne Brown
Electoral Insight

Ridings, Representation & Redistribution

There are currently 301 electoral districts (ridings) across the country and a corresponding number of seats in Canada's House of Commons. The number will increase to 308 following completion of the current redistribution process and at the first dissolution of Parliament at least one year after proclamation of a new representation order. Canadians are represented geographically and by population in Parliament through a system set out in the Constitution and later legislation. Here's a look at some of the facts, figures, dates and events connected with the evolution of that system.


The 1997 Redistribution

The Current Redistribution





A new one occurs after each decennial census


1997 increases in electoral districts

Current redistribution increases

Population of Canada

Total number of electoral districts


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The opinions expressed are those of the authors; they do not necessarily reflect those of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada.