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Federal Elections Fees Tariff

The rates set out in this document are those effective as of
the issuance of the writs for the 42nd general electionnote

This consolidation is not official. It is provided for the convenience of the returning officer and other persons employed for the elections. If there is a discrepancy between this document and the official regulation, the official regulation will prevail.

note Certain fixed fees contained in this Tariff of Fees are established based on a 36-day election calendar, which is the minimum required by law. As the 42nd general election had a 78-day calendar, the fixed fees listed under the following sections had to be adjusted to account for the longer calendar: 2.(1)(a), 7.(1)(a), 10.(1)(a) and 44.(1)(a). However, the rates published here are unadjusted.

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