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Regulation Adapting the Canada Elections Act for the Purposes of a Referendum

Part 8

Preparation for the Vote

List of Deputy Returning Officers

List of deputies and poll clerks
Access to list

Referendum Materials

Delivery to returning officers
Ballot boxes
Material of ballot box
Ballot paper
Form of ballot
Numbering of ballots
Books of ballots
Obligation re ballots, ballot paper
Printer's name and affidavit
Property of Her Majesty

Supply of Referendum Materials to Deputy Returning Officer

Materials to be supplied to deputy returning officers
Safekeeping of referendum materials

Polling Stations and Central Polling Places

Establishment of polling stations
Multiple polling stations
Division of list of electors
Certificate of returning officer
Level access
Voting compartments
Table or desk
Polling station in adjacent polling division
Polling station in school or other public building
Polling station in federal buildings
Central polling place
Number of polling stations
Appointments at central polling place
Central poll supervisor
Mobile polling station
Voting hours for mobile polling station
Provisions applicable to mobile polls


Prohibitions re ballots, etc.

Federal Referendum Legislation – Contents