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Regulation Adapting the Canada Elections Act for the Purposes of a Referendum

Part 9


Voting Opportunities

Manner of voting

Polling Day


Hours of voting
Exception — Saskatchewan
Daylight-saving time
When polls lie in two time zones
Hours for voting

Time to Employees for Voting

Consecutive hours for voting
Time at convenience of employer
Transportation companies
No penalty for absence from work to vote
Hourly, piece-work or other basis of employment

Proceedings at the Poll

Who may be present at polling station
Delivery of agent's or witness's authorization
Agent or witness authorized in writing
Oath of secrecy
Agents or witnesses may absent themselves from poll
Examination of list of electors and conveying information
Communications device
Non-attendance of agents or witnesses
Initialling ballots
Ballots not to be detached
Vote not to be delayed
Counting of ballots before opening of poll
Examining and sealing ballot box

Admitting Voters

Calling electors
Electors not to be impeded
One elector at a time
Elector to declare name, etc.
Proof of identity and residence
Person registered as an Indian
Proof of residence
Request to take an oath
Prohibition — vouching for more than one elector
Prohibition — vouchee acting as voucher
Requirement before administering oath
Proof of qualification as elector
Proof of identity, etc., or oath not required
Name and address corresponding closely to another
Person in whose name another has voted
Name inadvertently crossed off list
Failure to prove identity or residence
When elector refuses to take improper oath
Elector not allowed to vote

Voting Procedure

Delivery of ballot to elector
Instructions to elector on receiving ballot
Manner of voting
Return of ballot
Spoiled ballot
No delay in voting
Electors present at close of voting hours allowed to vote

Special Voting Procedures

Assistance by deputy returning officer
Assistance by friend or related person
Prohibition — failure to maintain secrecy
Use of interpreter
Elector who is confined to bed
Procedure for taking the votes

Transfer Certificates

Transfer certificate for referendum officer
Transfer certificate for elector whose polling station has moved
Transfer certificate for elector with a disability
Application requirements
Issue of transfer certificate to disabled elector
Signing, numbering and recording transfer certificate

Polling Day Registration

Registration in person
Place of registration
Registration certificate
List deemed to be modified
Prohibition — vouching for more than one elector
Prohibition — vouchee acting as voucher
Requirement before administering oath

Duties of Poll Clerk

Duties of poll clerk


Secret vote
Secrecy during and after poll
Secrecy at the poll
Procedure in case of contravention of secrecy


Prohibition — use of loudspeakers on polling day
Prohibitions — emblems, etc., in polling station
Prohibitions re ballots, etc.
Other prohibitions
Prohibitions — deputy returning officers

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