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Regulation Adapting the Canada Elections Act for the Purposes of a Referendum

Part 10

Advance Polling

Establishment of Advance Polling Stations

Establishment of advance polling districts
Description of districts
Establishment of advance polling station
Combining advance polling districts
Request to move an advance polling station
Level access


Registration at advance polling station
Registration certificate
Prohibition — vouching for more than one elector
Prohibition — vouchee acting as voucher
Requirement before administering oath
List deemed to be modified

Voting Procedure

Conduct of advance polls
When advance polls to be open
Notice of advance poll
Who may vote at advance polls
Elector not on the revised list
Procedure by poll clerk
Duties of deputy returning officer
Record of votes cast
Examining and sealing of ballot box
Close of advance poll
Affixing of signatures
Re-opening of advance poll
Custody of ballot box
Agents or witnesses may check seals
Collecting the record of votes cast at an advance polling station
Crossing off names of voters at advance polls from lists
When lists already distributed

Federal Referendum Legislation – Contents