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Regulation Adapting the Canada Elections Act for the Purposes of a Referendum

Division 5

Incarcerated Electors

Definition of "elector"
Entitlement to vote
Exercise of right to vote
Vote to be in electoral district
Designation of coordinating officers
Notification of issue of the writs
Designation of liaison officers
Liaison officers
Duty to cooperate
Duty of coordinating officer
Notice of entitlement to vote
Voting hours
Application for registration and special ballot
Residence of elector
Optional information
Dispute about electoral district
List of incarcerated electors
Appointment of deputy returning officers and poll clerks
Provision of referendum materials
Duties of deputy returning officer
Mobile polling stations
Common mobile polling stations
Declaration of elector
Giving special ballot to elector
Voting by special ballot
Spoiled special ballot
Note on outer envelope
Delivery of documents after the vote
Deadline for return of referendum material
Integration into final list of electors

Federal Referendum Legislation – Contents