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Regulation Adapting the Canada Elections Act for the Purposes of a Referendum

Part 12

Counting votes

Polling Stations

Counting the votes
Tally sheets
Steps to follow
Rejection of ballots
Counterfoils remaining attached
Ballots not initialled by deputy returning officer
Objections to ballots
Decision of deputy returning officer
Statement of the vote
Copies of the statement of the vote
Marked ballots
Rejected ballots
Documents to be enclosed in a large envelope
Documents to be placed in the ballot box
Sealing ballot box

Advance Polls

Counting of votes on polling day
Application of rules for counting votes

Delivery of Ballot Boxes to Returning Officer

Sending ballot boxes and statement to returning officer
Collection of ballot boxes
Provision of statements to agents
Safekeeping of ballot boxes

Federal Referendum Legislation – Contents