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Regulation Adapting the Canada Elections Act for the Purposes of a Referendum

Part 16



"referendum advertising"
publicité référendaire
"referendum survey"
sondage référendaire

Referendum Advertising

Referendum advertising posters
Permitted restrictions
Prohibition — prevention or impairment of transmission

Referendum Opinion Surveys

Transmission of referendum survey results
Additional information — published surveys
Report on survey results
Fee may be charged
Broadcast of surveys not based on recognized statistical methods
Prohibition — causing transmission of referendum survey results during blackout period
Prohibition — transmission of referendum survey results during blackout period

Premature Transmission

Prohibition — premature transmission of results

Broadcasting outside Canada

Prohibition — use of broadcasting station outside Canada
Prohibition — broadcasting outside Canada

Non-interference by Foreigners

Prohibition — inducements by non-residents

Political Broadcasts

Vacancy during referendum period

Federal Referendum Legislation – Contents