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Regulation Adapting the Canada Elections Act for the Purposes of a Referendum

Part 7

Revision of Lists of Electors

Preliminary Lists of Electors

Sending of information
Form of preliminary list of electors

Notice of Confirmation of Registration

Notice to electors
Form of notice
Particular needs

Revision Process

Revision of preliminary lists of electors
Referendum officers who are designated to receive applications
Applications for addition, correction or deletion
Rental of offices
Revision — purpose
Information in Register of Electors
Revising agents to act jointly
Disagreement between revising agents
Relevant elector information
Addition of elector's name
Exclusion from Register of Electors
Change of address
Deletion of name of elector
Address change within electoral district
Notice of confirmation of registration

Objection Procedure

Objection by elector
Affidavit of objection
Notice to be sent to person objected to
Notice to agents
Examination by returning officer
Elector to substantiate case
Outcome of objection

Updated Preliminary Lists of Electors

Revised Lists of Electors and Official Lists of Electors

Revised list of electors
Official list of electors
Form of lists

Merger of Polling Divisions

Merger of polling divisions
Official list

Final Lists of Electors

Final list of electors
Delivery of final lists to member and parties
Extra copies

Use of Lists of Electors

Registered parties


Prohibitions in relation to lists of electors

Federal Referendum Legislation – Contents