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Returning Officer's Manual

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Abbreviation Description
ARO Assistant Returning Officer
AARO Additional Assistant Returning Officer
AC Automation Coordinator
AAC Assistant Automation Coordinator
CD Compact Disc
CEA Canada Elections Act
CEO Chief Electoral Officer
CF Canadian Forces
CPD Canada Post Directory
CPP Canada Pension Plan
CPS Central Poll Supervisor
CRO Community Relations Officer
DRO Deputy Returning Officer
DCEO Deputy Chief Electoral Officer
DVD Digital Video Disk
EC Elections Canada
ECDocs Elections Canada digital documentation for elections officers
ECHQ Elections Canada Headquarters (Ottawa)
ECSN Elections Canada Support Network – a toll-free telephone service available during an event to assist electoral officers (1-888-677-0301)
ED Electoral District
EFR Candidate's Electronic Financial Return
EFRS Electronic Financial Return System
EI Employment Insurance
EMS Event Management System
ERS Event Results System
FLO Field Liaison Officer
FO Financial Officer
FSA Forward Sortation Area (Canada Post mailing designation using the first three digits of the postal code)
GIS Geographic Information System
GST Goods and Services Tax
HSBC Hospital Special Ballot Coordinator
HST Harmonized Sales Tax (in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick)
iSITES Internet-based Elections Canada system used by the RO at home, pre-event, to confirm polling sites.
LAN Local Area (computer) Network
LO Liaison Officer
LOC List of Candidates
MP Member of Parliament
NROE National Register of Electors
par. Paragraph of the Canada Elections Act
PC Poll Clerk
PLE Preliminary List of Electors
PRMO Person Responsible for Maintaining Order (Security Guard)
PST Provincial and Territorial Sales Tax
QPP Quebec Pension Plan
RA Revising Agent
REVISE Automated system used to update elector information during an electoral event.
RCVD Short for "received".
RO Returning Officer
RoE Record of Employment
ROPS Returning Office Payment System
RS Revision Supervisor
s. Section of the Canada Elections Act
SBC Special Ballot Coordinator
SITES The part of the ROPS/SITES application used during the electoral event to review and adjust polling site locations
SMSi Supply Management System by Intranet
sp. Subparagraph of the Canada Elections Act
ss. Subsection of the Canada Elections Act
SVR Special Voting Rules
SVRA Special Voting Rules Administrator
UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply
VIC Voter Information Card