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Local Outreach in the 41st General Election

Purpose of this Report

During the 41st general election, a number of evaluation activities were conducted that were related in whole or in part to local outreach and the Community Relations Officer (CRO) program. This report summarizes the key observations from these activities. Based on these observations, the report provides Elections Canada's Outreach Coordinating Committee with recommendations for enhancing local outreach to target groups in the areas of work between elections, the outreach function in the local Elections Canada office ("RO office"), recruitment and training, local outreach supporting access to the electoral process, outreach tools and the Aboriginal Elder and Youth Program.

Information Sources

Information for this report was gathered from the following sources on the 41st general election:

Recommendations Summary

Work Between Elections

The Outreach Function in the Local Elections Canada Office

Recruitment and Training

Local Outreach Supporting Access to the Electoral Process

Outreach Tools

Aboriginal Elder and Youth Program