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2016–17 Departmental Results Report

Results at a Glance

For more information on the agency's plans, priorities and results achieved, see the "Results: what we achieved" section of this report.


Actual Spending


Actual FTEs

Results at a Glance

In 201617, Elections Canada completed the final stages of post-2015 general election activities. The agency monitored, analyzed and reported on all aspects of the general election to ensure fairness, transparency and compliance with the Canada Elections Act. The agency also conducted one by-election and, by the end of 201617, had launched five more by-elections that were held on April 3, 2017.

During the fiscal year, Elections Canada established its Transformation Agenda to improve electoral services and voting infrastructure for the next general election and beyond. The Agenda includes strategies to modernize electoral services for Canadians, to support and implement legislative change as and when enacted by Parliament, and to renew its information technology infrastructure and other key assets.

To improve the administration of the electoral process and enable its modernization, Elections Canada put forth 132 recommendations for legislative amendments and supported parliamentarians in their review of the proposed recommendations.

In view of the possibility of a referendum, the agency reviewed the Referendum Regulation and developed a contingency plan.